This short course on molecular communication was delivered online at the 2021 JTG/IEEE ITSoc Summer School on Information Theory, Telecommunication, and Networking @ IIT Kanpur, June 28 – July 1, 2021.

The course was taught by Prof. Andrew Eckford. For more information on the instructor’s research, please see his lab webpage.

Here you will find all course materials, including lecture videos (hosted on YouTube), notes, slides, and code.

The course is divided into 16 lectures, most of which are around 30 minutes in length. The links below take you to individual posts for each lecture, and related materials.

Downloadable materials are written by by Andrew W. Eckford and are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution licenseĀ (CC-BY 4.0). Code is also made available under theĀ MIT License.